Dutch news in English

This is a facebookpage that has been set up by Dutch students from the University College Utrecht who want to provide their fellow non-Dutch speaking students and other internationals with translations of news articles and programs currently unavailable in English, specifically regarding the spread of the coronavirus in the Netherlands.

Translations found in this group are unofficial and unauthorized by the NOS itself. Linguistic inaccuracies may occur. If you believe there to be substantial errors, please notify the page. Please be aware that we cannot make any statements about the truthfulness of the articles we translate.

More information about the NOS can be found on their website:  https://over.nos.nl/organisatie/about-nos

We would like to refer you to the following websites:

– For general questions: https://www.government.nl/

– For questions about the coronavirus in particular: https://www.rivm.nl/en

– For questions about entry into the Netherlands:  https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/…/q-and-a-for-entry-into-t…

– For questions related to how your business could be impacted by the corona crisis: https://business.gov.nl/

For translations from before March 20, please take a look at the group NOS in English